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This website including the links (both internal and external) is under the direct control and administration of etizolamresearch.com. The products sold on this website are in accordance with the local laws that govern the selling process. The terms highlighted on this page should be read carefully along with the conditions and disclaimers contained on the various pages of the website. Information about the medication and other materials highlighted on this page are subjected to change without prior notice. Hence, users are advised to review the terms on a regular basis, and continued use of the website is a concurrence to the fact that you accept the change.

Ownership of rights

Using the content of this website, or indulging in copying the information or storing the material for any purpose other than personal use is strictly not advisable and is liable for prosecution. Using the information for non-commercial purposes should only be upon obtaining the necessary permission from Buyambienonline.us. The information and other materials uploaded on the website are copyrighted according to various intellectual property laws. However, copyrights for certain content on medications are owned by the respective third parties. Users should abstain from modifying, transmitting, publishing, selling, creating, transferring, reproducing, reposting, or exploiting the content in any derogatory manner, which is considered to be an offense.

Accuracy of Information

The website has taken all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data and information contained in the website. Appropriate care has been taken to ensure that the prices and other product-related information are accurate by subjecting the information to peer reviews. Every effort has been taken to upload the picture of the product as it is in its original composition.

General Terms of Use

By agreeing to access the website, a user unconditionally accords he/her concord to abide by the terms and agreements highlighted on this page. Users are authorized to use the website in a meaningful way and indulging in any resort that violates the terms of use is liable for prosecution under the applicable laws. The website will not be held responsible for the damages incurred through the Email sent by Safewayatlanticpharmacy.com which was done at the customer’s behest. Resorting to unprotected means of communication over the internet increases the scope for interception and subsequent altercation. In such an instance, the website won’t take any responsibility for the damages. The ideas or suggestions posted by the user in non-proprietary in nature and safewayatlanticpharmacy.com reserves all right to use the material. Abstain from transmitting or posting any information to or from the website that gives scope for criminal liability.

Third-Party Endorsement

None of the information of any kind published on the website has the approval for third parties nor their endorsement.

Prescription Mandatory

safewayatlanticpharmacy.com will process the order with or without a valid prescription obtained from a licensed medical practitioner.

Scope of the Agreement

The terms and agreement mentioned on this page symbolically refer to the agreement entered between the user and safewayatlanticphrmacy.com. The terms are bound to be severable. Certain provisions of the law that have become invalid over a period of time will not be enforced as such, and the validity of such provisions will not have a consequential effect on the enforceability factor of other provisions highlighted in the agreement.

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