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What Is Heroin Crack Cocaine?

A Speedball is a mixture of the illicit drugs Heroin and Cocaine. Typically, Speedballing involves both substances being injected into the bloodstream via needles, but they are sometimes snorted nasally together as well. Furthermore, Individuals who Speedball claim to experience a more intense, longer lasting high than that experienced when taking either drug alone. Look no further than Pain Chemist to Buy Heroin Crack Cocaine.

In addition to, Heroin is a common illicit Opioid (derived from Morphine) that slows breathing and can lead to respiratory failure, especially when combined with another Depressant, such as alcohol. Cocaine, a Stimulant, has nearly the opposite effect (such as increased heart rate and energy, rapid breathing, etc). Too, It is a common misconception that mixing Heroin with Cocaine will either balance or cancel out the negative side effects of Heroin. In reality, combining these substances is more dangerous than using either alone because their negative effects can be amplified when combined.

Mixing Heroin and Cocaine increases the risk of overdose or permanent damage to the body.

Speedballing is especially risky because it forces the body to process more types of drugs simultaneously. However, Taking a Depressant and a Stimulant together causes a “push-pull” reaction in the body that can be very dangerous.

Further, Cocaine use requires the body to take in and use more oxygen while Heroin slows breathing — putting a strain on overactive lungs, heart, and brain and causing confusion and turmoil in the body.

In particular, Speedballing makes it more difficult for the body to receive the amount of oxygen needed to keep itself safe and balance out the effects of Cocaine. Even worse, because Cocaine wears off much faster than Heroin, people who Speedball tend to inject more often than those who use either Heroin or Cocaine separately.

Side Effects Of Speedballing

The side effects commonly associated with Cocaine are anxiety, hypersensitivity, high blood pressure, and irregular or rapid heartbeat. Opioids like Heroin are often linked to drowsiness and a slowed breathing rate. When combined, the side effects of Speedballing primarily negatively impact the brain.

Combining Cocaine and Heroin is a potent cocktail with a very high risk of unpredictable side effects.

Common side effects of Speedballing include:

Confusion or incoherence
Blurred vision
Mental impairment due to lack of sleep
Uncontrollable movements

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