Buy 5-MeO-MIPT Powder Online

Buy 5-MeO-MIPT Powder Online

Buy 5-MeO-MIPT Powder Online,  (known by the street name Moxy or Moxie) is a psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug, used by some as an entheogen.

And, It has structural and pharmacodynamic properties similar to the drugs 5-MeO-DiPT, DiPT, and MiPT. furthermore, It is commonly used as a substitute for 5-MeO-DiPT because of the very similar structure and effects.

Also, This certified solution standard is suitable for Moxy testing methods by GC/MS or LC/MS testing applications in clinical toxicology, urine drug testing, or forensic analysis. The use of 5-MeO-MiPT has recently been reported in Europe.


First, 5-MeO-MiPT is in a class of compounds commonly known as tryptamines, and is the N-methyl-N-isopropyl homologue of the psychedelic, 5-MeO-DMT.  Moreover, The full name of the chemical is 5-methoxy-N-methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine.

In addition to, 5-MeO-MiPT causes the ehrlich reagent to turn purple then fade to faint blue. It causes the marquis reagent to go yellow through to black.


Orally, 5-MeO-MiPT is active at 4-6 mg. And, The drug can also be smoked, but unlike most other tryptamines, this route requires a much higher dosage. 1020 mg is usually smoked. It typically produces a very strong odor.

However, Some users report activity as low as 1 mg while others report no activity up to 20 mg, this compound seems to be highly sensitive to the individual and any potential researchers should keep this in mind. In fact, Titrating the dose would be especially important with this compound.

Beside, Some users report little to no visual activity until doses of 10 mg or higher are taken. Too, This chemical proves very useful for opening up and expressing oneself much like MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and may be a useful chemical in psychedelic therapy.


The mechanism that produces the hallucinogenic and entheogenic effects of 5-MeO-MiPT is thought to result primarily from 5-HT2A receptor agonism, although additional mechanisms of action such as inhibition of MAO may be involved also. 5-MeO-MiPT binds most strongly to 5-HT1A receptors; it also shows fairly strong binding affinity to the SERT and NET, thereby acting as a moderately potent serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. These mechanisms may help explain why there are many anecdotal reports of anti-depressant and anxiolytic effects from modest doses of this compound. For example, SNRIs such as venlafaxine are commonly prescribed to treat depression, and the 5-HT1A agonist buspirone is prescribed primarily for treatment of anxiety.

Chemical and physical data
Formula: C15H22N2O

Molar mass: 246.35 g/mol g·mol?1

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